The Old and the New Fountain
And Now AFTER several Years.... 2nd Refurbishment IS HAPPENING.
Working on Cleaning the fountain up and REALLY making it a TRUE Mosaic.
I took a CLASS!! hahahahaha

The Old Fountain
The New Fountain

The center of the fountain is:

A Garden Party!

Lots of bugs going to have some cake!

Can you find the:

  • CAKE!besides the entire fountain
    (also a pink rose)

  • ladybugs,
  • caterpillar,
  • 2 tortoises,
  • lots o frogs,
  • chickens,
  • butterflies,
  • snails and
  • cats...

ALL ready for a GARDEN PARTY!

glasses OVER THE TOP --with water for the local wildbirds. :)

The Left Side of the Fountain
The Right Side of the Fountain

Buttons say:

"Father of the Year"

"You are Awesome"

"Mom - I love you:"

"Thank Heaven - For Little Girls"

"Best Friends"


4 = 4 cats

5 = 5 chickens

6= 6 guinea pigs

n= n fishes! lots o fishes!


A group of kids are gardening


"Thinking Big!"


"Dreaming Big:

of what they can grow... in the garden

Can you find the:

  • carrots,
  • celery,
  • flowers,
  • sweet pea,
  • corn